Tilak(떚씫) 벑궛媛 Roman Kamler뵪媛 移⑤궘쓣 젣議븯뒗 쉶궗濡쒖꽌 1986뀈 泥댁퐫 怨듯솕援뿉꽌 李쎌꽕. 1993뀈뿉뒗 Goretex궗 怨꾩빟쓣 留브퀬 2000뀈 Tilak釉뚮옖뱶 씠由 븘옒 Tilak 쓽瑜 씪씤씠 깂깮빀땲떎. 2001뀈뿉뒗 떦떆蹂대떎 李몄떊븯怨 鍮쇱뼱궃 뵒옄씤쓣 씪쑝궎옄 룊뙋 넂븯뜕 Acronym궗 Errolson Hugh 怨꾩빟쓣 泥닿껐. 솗떎븳 湲곗닠씠 씤젙맂 泥댁퐫 援쁺 벑궛 援ъ썝 遺, 泥댁퐫 궛븙 媛씠뱶 뿰빀, 궛븙 援ъ“ 꽌鍮꾩뒪 썾뼱룄 留≪븘 Tilak뵒옄씠꼫 Errolson옄떊 釉뚮옖뱶Acronym쓽瑜 씪씤 깮궛룄 留↔퀬 엳뒿땲떎.

  • Roman Kamler, Tilak’s founder.

We are a family business starting as far back the 180s, and we draw on our Czech traditions reaching even further back. Our motto is 얧othing less than top quality. We could not guarantee this without continuous control of each production step. To be able to mmet our motto and not to compromise, only the highest performing materials and components are used in our products.

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